Hat affair. 
Attitude, Cy.

Attitude, Cy.



Happy Easter, chocolate in a Nike.
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THE FASHON WEEK - self service magazine

Self Service magazine, Marie Marot, Paris

Self service magazine, Marie Marot, Paris, here :http://selfservicemagazine.com/#/fashon-week/
Spread the blue ! Marie Marot card wallet - Colette online here : http://bit.ly/1c0TUVG
Mikado lunch at LaDurée 💛💚 #laduree
here : http://bit.ly/P0qKyJ
Monday, April 💜 
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Sunday mood - Heming[way] 
Marie Marot: Cultural correspondence here : http://voguefr.fr/1lPCWOM
Baby Calder
Marie Marot hat in M le magazine du Monde
L’icône, Joe strummer, Clash feutré <3